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Here is what to expect with the introductory call:

1. Make sure you have a strong connection to WiFi and are in a quiet environment to avoid disruptions during our conversation.


2. Video must be turned ON during the Zoom meeting. We do not make any exceptions as we’d like to meet you and get to know each potential student.


3. Confirm your meeting with us. You will receive a call/text from our team 24 hours prior to your scheduled intro call.


4. Be prepared to learn and steal our strategies. We want to see you succeed and hope to add as much value as possible whether you join our program(s) or not.


5. Come ready to make a decision. We are not sales people and have a strict no follow-up rule. If you need more time to connect after the intro call, that is completely okay. You can always reach back out, we just won’t bother you.


NO SHOWS will not be allowed to book EVER again! Please cancel or reschedule your appointment.

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